Setting up a Jetson TX2 with Vagrant

This post is intended for those who want to flash their Jetson TX2 board from an Ubuntu VM without a desktop environment running.

Setting up a Jetson TX2 must be done through NVidia's SDK Manager. Per the requirements, it needs an Ubuntu Desktop not running in a VM. I have a Macbook and no intention of adding a Linux dual boot next to macOS on my always-too-small hard drive, so I gave it a go.

This repository contains all the tools and instructions necessary to achieve just that in a minimum amount of commands possible: it uses a Virtual Box VM configured through Vagrant, and xvfb underneath to bypass the need for a GUI.

Recovery Mode

Even if the instructions in the quick start guide of the devkit make it seem like an absolute nightmare, putting the board in Recovery mode is quite straightforward:

  1. Power up the board (plug it and hit the PWR button)
  2. Hold the REC button
  3. Hit the RST button
  4. Release the REC button after about 2 seconds